Collecting royalties and making sure bands get paid.
UPRAWR Music Publishing is a bespoke music publishing company dedicated to making sure bands get what they’ve earned.
Conceived by “Total Uprawr” founders Jack Daniel and Lewis Felstead along with long time friend and ally Roy Davis (owner of Birmingham’s Asylum venues), Uprawr Music is for bands and artists within the “Uprawr” music/ lifestyle genre.
After years of working with bands through 
UPRAWR, it became increasing obvious that many bands were either completely unrepresented or ill advised when it came to understanding publishing and how important it is to their careers.
Having worked closely with Notting Hill Music (one of the world's leading independent publishing companies) for several years, Roy Jack and Lewis decided it was the right time to
start their own publishing company and work with many of the bands who had become personal friends…Uprawr Music was born!