Saturday 27 October

10:30PM- 10:30PM

The Asylum


IT’S HERE! And as always we’re going MASSIVE!

-Complete venue makeover!

-Smashed up car: Burnt out and flipped over on stage!

-Killer prizes!

-Mega drinks deals!

-After Party until 6AM!





Every year we go all out with the most epic Halloween building makeover out of any other club, but this year we're reaching entirely new levels of awesome and batshit!

We're buying a fully working car, setting it on FIRE, flipping it upside down and dropping it on stage.

We'll spend over 100 HOURS in just one week turning the venue into your own horror hell and you'll be able to check in with us at any time to see the progress. Just like our Summer Party, we will take you along every step of the way via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! there'll be plenty of crazy updates and spooky freebies to be dropped over the coming weeks so keep your eyes out for tricks and treats!

The ENTIRE building will be converted into a horror film set so fiendish that it'll make Hereditary look like a Disney film!







1st Prize - Chromebook laptop

2nd Prize - One full roll of electrical tape

3rd Prize - Chromebook laptop





We'll be looking for our favourite costumes and pulling you up on stage for our competition.


If you want to walk away with one of these epic prizes this year, get thinking about your costume ideas now!

Follow a meme trend, be controversial or play it safe (please don't be a pussy and play it safe).

Previous winners have been 'One Giant Tampon', 'Batman', 'Naked Green Alien Girl', 'Iron Man', 'Towelie', a table as a 'One Night Stand'. Last year everyone here was looking so awesome we don't remember who the winners were!






Party Until 6am!!!!

We'll be opening our upstairs and our smoking area until 6am!

We'll have DJs inside and out with Two bars open until 6am :D

Wrist bands will be on sale on the front bar from 1am.






£1.50 Jagermeister Bombs!

£1.50 Jagermeister Bombs!

£1.50 Jagermeister Bombs!


We know you love it so why do anything else?







- Co2 Cannons!

- Confetti Cannons!

- Glow Sticks!

- Balloon Drop!

- Hand Held Confetti Guns!

- Even More Glow Sticks!






£1 - Sours Shots

£2 - Cherry Sours & Coke (Cherry Coke)

£2.20 - Vodka & Mixer

£2 - Jägermister / Fireball / After Shock

£2.50 - Blue After Shock & Lemonade (sex in your mouth)

£2.50 - Fireball Bomb

£1.50 - Jager Bomb