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Uprawr Studios News - July 2016

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What We Did On Our Holidays

Hell yes, we’re back! Hell yes we’ve had an incredible refurb! Hell yes, we have a new name!

So if you’ve been anywhere remotely near the live music scene in the Midlands over the last 15 years or so, chances are you will have heard of Madhouse Rehearsals, who have proudly been able to call the best music rehearsals facility in the West Midlands since opening back in 2002, just on the edge of Birmingham City Centre. You also will have heard of the Asylum Venue, located next door and home to the UPRAWR club night, which has been THE choice for your Saturday night partying needs over the past 6 years.

Now since we share an office with the guys from the UPRAWR club night, and because anyone who’s anyone knows exactly where UPRAWR happens, Madhouse Rehearsals is now known as UPRAWR Studios.

We’re still in exactly the same place, we’re still open from midday until 11pm on weekdays; midday til 6pm on Saturdays and midday until 9pm on Sundays. We still have rehearsal spaces available from just £10p/h, and we are still the very best place for your band to get together and jam in the whole West Midlands, but we have so much awesome new stuff it’s actually going to be hard to fit it all into one blog post!

Remember when you used to walk into the reception area at the Studios and there was a big old wall in front of you? NOT ANYMORE! Now we have what we would like to modestly refer to as ‘The Single Greatest Space in The History Of The Universe Ever’. And even that doesn’t do it adequate justice. Where before there was just wall there is now (deep breath): A fabulous fully-stocked licensed bar, a coffee shop, a wall of musical accessories for sale thanks to our friends at PMT Birmingham, a big flat-screen TV showing all the live sport you could possibly imagine, possibly the comfiest sofa this side of the Atlantic ocean, an UPRAWR clothing outlet, and a Bluetooth sound system for the playing of your mobile device’s excellent tunes. Just in case I haven’t sung the praises of the new Reception Bar quite enough, here are some pictures. Look at them. LOOK AT THEM!

If you’re wondering exactly what it took to make the place look that good, here’s the statistical breakdown for you:

·  4 x weeks of lifting heavy stuff

·  1 x gnarly sledgehammer

·  37 x tins of paint

·  Over 100 paint brushes

·  14 x bottles of Fireball Whiskey (and that’s just the decoration, if we included the ones we drank it would be in the hundreds)

·  2 x new bar-tops

·  Some…you know…new carpets and floors and shit

·  Thousands of £££’s worth of guitars and accessories (thanks PMT!)

·  1 x incredibly angry flock of seagulls attacking poor Rych every chance they got

·  1 x economy hand car wash (those seagulls have a lot to answer for)

·  Grout. Lots of grout. Please never make me grout anything again.


The big news recently is obviously the big refurbishment we’ve just had, but there’s been plenty more going on behind the scenes here early this summer.

New Staff

A big welcome to Niamh and Mark, our newest members of the team here at UPRAWR Studios.

Mark is our new manager. He may well have sold you a guitar at some point if you’re a veteran of the local music scene, because he worked over at PMT for quite a while. More recently, he’s been off in that there London for the last 4 years, working as a studio sound engineer in the wonderful world of pop music. If you have any questions about recording your music or about guitar and bass gear (especially effects pedals, that dude will not shut up about effects pedals), Mark is the man to speak to. If you have any questions or comments about the studio, bring them up with Mark and he will do everything in his Thor-like power to help you out. You’ll normally find him at the front desk, soldering XLR cables or saying rude things about Photoshop. On his days off you might hear his horribly slow, loud doom-metal band if you happen to be walking down the corridor when they’re rehearsing. Feel free to tell him how awful his taste in music is, he loves that.

will be a familiar face to you if you’ve spent any time next door at the Asylum for the UPRAWR club night, where you will have seen her serving drinks or, inevitably, dancing on the bar. She’s bringing her incredible coffee and cocktail-making skills over to us in the studio side for our busy nights midweek. Her knowledge of local bands means if your band is looking for a support band or slot somewhere, Niamh can probably put you in contact with someone who can help with that!

The New Coffee Shop Menu

You know what they say about a picture saying a thousand words? Here's one-thousand words, just for you.

The F***ing Weather/Air Conditioning

Ah, British Summer. That one week we had in May was nice wasn’t it? I had an ice cream and everything. Unfortunately, since then the weather has been unapologetically crap. Our sincerest commiserations if you happened to be at Drownload, like the UPRAWR Club team were. With that said, there is always a teeny-tiny chance that the sun might actually come out again this year, and that means your sweaty drummer will be even sweatier than normal.

Wonderful news, then, coming out of our refurb is that we have a brand-new air conditioning unit in our coffee shop/bar area!

Every week we buy 3 or 4 lottery tickets so we can afford the £7 billion it would cost to put decent air-conditioning in all the rooms, but so far no luck. Until we strike it big, there’s a couple of things you can do to combat the inevitable shower of drummer-sweat heading your way. We’ve always had fans in our rooms, but we know that isn’t always enough, so if you’re dying in your rehearsal room, let us know and we’ll see if there’s a spare fan we can throw at you. This isn’t always possible on busy days and nights, so feel free to join us in our bar area, which the aircon system is keeping at a very comfortable 18 degrees, to sink a couple of refreshing beverages before you head back into your room.

The UPRAWR Summer Beach Party

Fair enough, this was next-door at the club night, but there’s no better forum for us to announce that after literally 14-and-a-half days, our collective hangover has subsided. Hooray. In case you missed it, you can catch a little bit of the action here.


Alright, confession time, I never got into Pokémon. In the current climate this appears to be a bit like having leprosy. My friends have shunned me, my significant other has left me for a Pikachu, and people keep shouting abuse at me from their cars as they drive past me. So the news that the UPRAWR Club Night is having a Pokémon Night doesn’t mean a huge amount to me.  But hey, good news for UPRAWR Studios bands! One of our regulars tells me there’s a super-rare Chimpey hiding in Room 11, so you’d better book now if you want to Catch Them All, fam. What do you mean Chimpey isn’t a real Pokémon? Oh piss off. I’m too old for this shit anyway.

Special Offers

To celebrate our refurbishment, we’ve got a couple of super-special, mega-saving, ultra-awesome deals to offer you guys! Aren’t we nice?

New Bands Get An Hour Free

You might have seen this one on Facebook recently, but we’ll happily throw it out to readers of the blog as well! Any band that has never rehearsed at UPRAWR Studios before can have one hour of rehearsal time absolutely free when they book two hours or more. All you need to do to claim this offer is call us on 0121 233 1109, and mention the offer when you book your first rehearsal with us. Not available with any other special offer, ends August 31st, get booking!

Mondays Suck

Much like Garfield the cat, we are fond of lasagna and not-so-fond of the first day of the working week. To soften the blow of the fact that Monday exists, we’re offering a special discount on Mondays, with £1 off per hour your room rate when you book a rehearsal for 3 hours or more on that most-dreaded of the weekdays. That means you can have an awesome week-starting 3-hour jam with your band for just £27! We spoil you. Book now on 0121 233 1109 and make sure you mention this offer when you call!

Tell Your Friends!

Our regular bands know that we love them, and that we would love to meet their friends! If you rehearse at UPRAWR studios often, and you know some bands that might like to get in on the act, let the staff at reception know next time you’re in, and they’ll give you the details of the awesome discount that your band AND your friends can get.