UPRAWR Studios News - July 2016




On 4th June UPRAWR will be opening the doors to our brand new rehearsal complex!
A purpose built 11 room studio complex that will serve as the base for all things UPRAWR moving forward.

Taking over the prestigious Madhouse Rehearsals, we’ll be closing on Monday 16th May to start an extensive refurbishment adding in a bar and coffee shop with 50” flat screens for you to kick back and hang out in before and after practice.


We’ll be knocking down walls and opening out a huge open plan reception area that’ll have Vinyls, CDs & high quality equipment on sale, beer on tap and later in the year we’ll even be adding a A&R center for UPRAWR /Notting Hill Music Publishing.


Our goal is to create the ultimate band facility.

Come and meet other musicians, rehearse with your band, hang out & unwind with a drink, pick up the latest records or spoil yourselves with the coolest equipment on the market. You’ll even be able to get support slots and gigs booked for the Asylum Venue next door.


UPRAWR Studios will be a hub of excitement where you come to feel like a rock star or just pick up advice by talking to our expert staff.

Come hang out and take the tour on 4th June at our opening party between 4pm – 9pm.
Book a practice while you’re there and you’ll receive awesome one day only offers.