UPRAWR Studios News - July 2016

We're Back!!
After months of planning, endless hour of manual labour and a lot of late nights UPRAWR Studios is open for business! 

Previously Madhouse rehearsals, UPRAWR Studios have had a new lease of life cast upon them. With a completely renovated reception and bar area and updates and upgrades in all the rooms the studios have been plunged into the modern era.

So if you’ve been anywhere remotely near the live music scene in the Midlands over the last 15 years or so chances are you will have heard of Madhouse Rehearsals, who proudly have been able to call themselves the best music rehearsals facility in the West Midlands since opening back in 2002.

So in May 2016 UPRAWR teamed up with Madhouse Rehearsals to under go some epic new changes to the studio, a huge referd and a brand new name. 

UPRAWR Rehearsal Studios opened on June 4th, the UPRAWR club nights 6th Birthday and we cant wait for you to come in and check out the changes. 

Our epic bar area has a fabulous fully-stocked licensed bar, coffee shop, a wall of musical accessories for sale thanks to our friends at PMT Birmingham, a big flat-screen TV showing all the live sport you could possibly imagine, possibly the comfiest sofa this side of the Atlantic ocean, an UPRAWR clothing outlet, and a Bluetooth sound system for the playing of your mobile device’s excellent tunes. 
Just in case I haven’t sung the praises of the new Reception Bar quite enough, here are some pictures. Look at them. LOOK AT THEM!

If you’re wondering exactly what it took to make the place look that good, here’s the statistical breakdown for you:

·  4 x weeks of lifting heavy stuff

·  1 x gnarly sledgehammer

·  37 x tins of paint

·  Over 100 paint brushes

·  36 x bottles of Fireball Whiskey (and that’s just the decoration, if we included the ones we drank it would be in the hundreds)

·  2 x new bar-tops

·  Some…you know…new carpets and floors and shit

·  4 new sinks 

·  1 x giant slash head

·  fuck loads of lights

·  4 massive mirrors 

·  Thousands of £££’s worth of guitars and accessories (thanks PMT!)

·  1 x incredibly angry flock of seagulls attacking Rych every chance they got

·  1 x economy hand car wash (those seagulls have a lot to answer for)

·  Grout. Lots of grout. Please never make me grout anything again


The New Coffee Shop Menu

You know what they say about a picture saying a thousand words? Here's one-thousand words, just for you.


The F***ing Weather/Air Conditioning

Ah, British Summer. That one week we had in May was nice wasn’t it? I had an ice cream and everything. Unfortunately, since then the weather has been unapologetically crap. Our sincerest commiserations if you happened to be at Drownload, like the UPRAWR Club team were. With that said, there is always a teeny-tiny chance that the sun might actually come out again this year, and that means your sweaty drummer will be even sweatier than normal.

Wonderful news, then, coming out of our refurb is that we have a brand-new air conditioning unit in our coffee shop/bar area!