CORONAVIRUS - All UPRAWR & affiliate companies closed

Hi all

We recently made a statement following the Governments' somewhat ambiguous advice regarding The CORONAVIRUS and what we should do as a venue.

Our number one priority has always been to do the right thing by our awesome customers, staff and suppliers, and as such we took the decision we did to stay open based on the advice we had at the time.

In making the decision to stay open we obviously implemented extra hygiene and safety measures, our thinking was that we are the same as every other business in the Night Time Economy and have bills to pay and staff to look after.. this was a decision we took in all good faith and trying to follow what we understood the situation to be in the absence of the Government not putting a total ban in place...

Obviously since our original statement more information has come to light that helps us navigate a better way forward through all of the uncertainty and ensure we do the right thing by you, our much loved customers.

Therefore, we have taken the decision that after this Saturdays UPRAWR, we will close both Asylum Venues and Uprawr Rehearsal Studios, temporarily until the advice is that it’s safe to reopen (hopefully only a few weeks)

So this coming Saturday will be your last chance for Uprawr to show you some love and for one last get together until all this blows over.

So if you want to come and have a drink with us please do, were open as usual from 10.30pm till 3.00am.

If you do come please be assured that we have undertaken every measure possible to ensure the hygiene of the venue and have put additional measures in place and these will be maintained throughout the night.

It goes without saying that if you feel unwell, have any underlying health issues or will be in contact with any elderly or vulnerable people we would encourage you to stay away.

The Uprawr back office and mental Health Foundation will continue to operate fully during this time so please show it some love and support it where you can… once the dust has settled following this virus the services of our Mental Health Charity will be needed more than ever.

Uprawr would like to thank each and every one of you for your continued support and ask that you keep an eye on our media streams for updates and reopening details.

Keep safe, look after each other and if we don’t see you at the bar this Saturday we will see you all again real soon.

Much love

Team Uprawr