Whats happening with UPRAWR

So this is the first instalment of what is going to be the most read blog in the history of the Internet. 

Here at Total UPRAWR we get though a LOT of awesome shit each month and thought it was about time we shared it with you. 

We're going to take this opportunity to tell you about our future plans and all the awesome stuff we have lined up for you to get involved with.
As part of the UPRAWR family we want you bask in our glory when things go right and share in our disappointment when it all goes horribly wrong.

We started the year with a bang using NYE to throw our first ever UPRAWR Blue Ball awards, with the 'Biggest Dickhead' award taking the spot light with by far the most votes. 

It was our favourite NYE by a mile and as a result was the final kick we needed to convince us it was time to embark on a new mission….. Developing UPRAWR from being the best known & most infamous rock club brand in Europe to becoming the best know Rock brand in the world!

Our first step was the probably the biggest decision in the history of UPRAWR - not to reopen in London. Some times in life you have to take a step back before you can move forward (or so we're told). 

Despite being in discussions with the all-mighty Camden Underworld, we decided that in order to move forward this year we'd need to regroup, restructure & focus all our efforts in one place.

With absolutely every single cost we incur increasing over the last few years we've had to work hard in order to maintain our price point. Unwilling to put our prices up and increase entry costs we've had to become more and more creative in how we are able to consistently produce genuinely world class club events without our customers and fans being put out of pocket and without us going out of business. 

Fortunately, with a lot of hard work, blood, sweat, tears and….alcohol…..we've managed to pull it off. Over the next few months we'll be hiring new staff, changing  the way we work and entering negotiations with other companies we've worked with in an endeavour to expand what we're able to do within the music industry. 

There'll be lots of opportunities for us to add new people to our team and plenty of ways for us to bring more people into the UPRARW family to learn about putting on club nights, gigs and a whole host of other aspects within the music industry. 

We've loved our time in London and without it we wouldn't be where we are today or have had the experiences that have made us love our jobs so much. We can't wait to get back their again! 

Step 2 in our quest - UPRAWR Music Publishing. 

Over the last few years we've discovered that in the midst of the music industry being on a steady decline, though music piracy and downloads etc, dozens of bands haven't been receiving the money they should have earned from their cd sales, gigs and some cases radio airplay.  With this being the case we're taken it upon ourselves to right this wrong and make sure the awesome bands that are selling records actually receive the money from their sales, and that their cash isn't just tired up in the bank accounts of the big boy suits. 

If you don't know what publishing is it's all explained quickly and simply here: https://totaluprawr.com/news/music-news/what-is-publishing/

We've done a massive deal with one of the most impressive independent publishing companies in the world, something that would typically take any other new publishing company years to achieve. We've also hopefully put ourselves in another fantastic position and may be soon expanding on our deal again to enable us to do even more to help more bands. 

Amongst all this awesome work we also tend to fill our time with getting fucked up partying and going to shows. 

One of my favourite shows this month was The Used, playing In love & Death in full. 

They were AMAZING! At the start of their set Burt announced that the purpose of the show was to make everyone feel like a kid again (it was after all the albums 15 year anniversary), to let go of inhibitions and to just have fun. Everyone did. The show was raw, no frills and TOTALLY FUCKING AWSOME. Burt was surprisingly funny and despite looking a bit like Niles Crane going though a rebellious stage the man was a fucking rock star. To anyone there I salute you, you witnessed something great!

This month we also saw Dan our amazing head of graphic design leave the team. 

After 3 years with us Dan decided it was time step out into the big scary world of business and launch his own start up. 

With his final day finishing we needed some farewell drinks and so broke out the Fireball, beer and Patron and kicked off the night with a few games of beer pong in the office before hitting a couple bars. Five hours later we found ourselves royally fucked up and back in the office smashing out a few more games of beer pong. Upon finishing a bottle Patron and a shit mix of absinthe, cider, Fireball and any other dribble we could find those of us still walking finished the night partying it up at another Local club. 


Inspired by Dan's departing night moving forward into March we're kicking off a two month Beer pong tournament with Bury Tomorrow, Alysha Nett and Sami Ryan all coming to play. Anyone that wants to enter just needs to turn up on the night and put their name down, not only will you get to meet these beautiful girls and boys you get play & drink with them to! 

If you want to check out the other awesome guests we have lined up take a look here: https://totaluprawr.com/events/


Catch you next month....

Jack Daniel x