social media manager

Job title  - Social Network Superhero & Creative Marketing Superstar. 

Location - Birmingham, Head Office. 

Expected hours - 28 - 35

Salary - Competitive 

Job Description 

Embarking on our new mission to become the most recognised 'Rock' brand in the world. After hosting countless epic club nights in almost every city of the UK, and being part of events such as DOWNLOAD, SLAM DUNK and GROEZROCK, we are looking for a social networking superhero to join our team and become a crucial member in UPRAWR moving forward. 

Total UPRAWR’s laid-back approach provides you with the freedom to use your talent and passion in growing your skill-set, opening doors that allow you to prove yourself in becoming a vital member of the team. 

You will be responsible for maintaining all aspects of our online, ensuring that you know EVERYTHING taking place with Total UPRAWR in order to promote it and generate excitement around our awesome brand. 

A large part of the role will be creating ideas and producing the online content that is going to rock our world and the worlds of those around us. 

You must be creative, quick-thinking and have a flair for concocting new ways to convey what we are all about.


If your brain IS NOT brimming with new ideas every-day, then this job IS NOT for you.
Stay home. Don't click send. Just stop reading now. 


If your brain IS bubbling to the brim with new ideas of photos to take, status' to post, articles to write and awesome content that leaves you ready to explode if you don't release it to the world - then we can't wait to meet you.


Core Duties: 

  • Creating fantastic and engaging content for all our social media platforms.
  • Putting together and taking pictures of prizes, give aways & products.
  • Taking interesting and well composed pictures to express the events we have planned. 
  • Ensuring all information displayed online is up to date and correct. 
  • Producing & implementing social media strategies to cultivate online growth & followings. 
  • Creating and implementing social media campaigns for both regional and national partnerships. 
  • Meeting set monthly targets. 
  • To write riveting news articles and blog posts for keeping our fans up to date with developments and news within the world of Rock. 
  • Engage with and facilitate the clearing up of any customer issues. 
  • Use social network analytics tools. 
  • Take active interest in monitoring the internet and music industry for brand related topics. 
  • Have a strong connection with our customers and fans. 
  • Help other members of staff use and understand online platforms.
  • Find and co-ordinate work experience and volunteer staff for online activities.
  • Provide useful feedback, solutions and ways to improve our social media at all times. 


Essential Skills:

  • Between 18 - 25 years old. 
  • A strong knowledge of Twitter, Facebook & Instagram and how to get the most from them.
  • Excellent photo filtering skills with apps. 
  • Basic photography skills. 
  • Basic Adobe Photoshop knowledge. 
  • Positive, do-it-yourself attitude. 
  • Exellent ability to multi-task and organise yourself.
  • Willingness to work flexible hours. 
  • A love for UPRAWR. 
  • A love for music & partying. 
  • Knowledge of popular websites, online channels and social networks. 
  • Fluent in the English language.  
  • Not easily offended.
  • Generally bad ass and awesome. 



Please download and fill in the application form below, fill it in & send us the completed version along with your C.V. to 




Hope to see you soon!
Jack Daniel x