Whats happening with UPRAWR 2

So it’s been 7 weeks since the last time we put out an update about all the epic shit we’re up to and announced our new quest for world domination and the huge steps we were taking to restructure our efforts in moving forward. 

Since then the support we’ve been shown has been unbelievable and we can't thank everyone enough.

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of excitement. Busting our balls to meet deadlines, interviewing new staff and trying to plan several huge events all at the same time.
Fortunately the awesome people we’ve met along our journey have made this possible but the next few weeks aren’t going to be letting up easy. 

Since opening we’ve found the general rule of business to be whoever works the hardest wins, so with that in mind we’re excited be balls deep in bringing all our plans into fruition. Working long hours, pushing ourselves to the limit and getting ready to invite you all to come and join in once we’ve hopefully pulled it all off. 


At the start of the year one of our defining moments was launch of UPRAWR Music Publishing.
Since then we’ve extended our deal with Notting Hill Music and are extremely proud to announce we are now acting as their official Rock division, looking after their rock catalog and working in alliance with them to sign and help the awesome bands who’s music has encouraged people to come and party with us for the last 6 years. Bury Tomorrow took the spotlight as our first signing, and we are now in discussions with more bands and companies that will help contribute to our growing and specialized catalog.  



We’ve also had the honor of announcing our stage at Slam Dunk Festival.

The Slam Dunk guys have become some of our closest friends & through working together we’ve been able to step up our involvement and blow the roof of what we’ve done in previous years.
This year our stage will be headlined by Shikari Sound System. With Bury Tomorrow, Qemists, Astroide Boys, the UPRAWR DJs and (for the first time) myself and Lewis all performing on the stage.


Not only are we stepping up our stage this year we are also hosting the Midlands after party at the NEC.
UPRAWR in a fucking arena!!!!

As for most people in the rock scene Slam Dunk is one of our favorite weekends of the year. We party all day, get wrecked at the parties and struggle though the hang overs while setting up each morning before the festival opens. We’re also lucky enough to be traveling on the awesome Slam Dunk tour busses, and for the first time we’ll even have an official UPRAWR x Slam Dunk 2016 t-shirt available at the festival :D 




Amongst all the planning and the hours spent going backwards and forwards to London for meetings we were lucky enough to score guest passes to both the Birmingham FFAF shows. If weren’t for bands like Funeral inspiring our love for the scene we might not have ever started Uprawr so it was pretty cool getting to be there for the their farewell tour.

Another awesome thing I got to try my hand at this month was Rock Climbing. Taking a rare day off work to go and hang off the side of cliff face was one of the highlights of my month, lucking out and getting to do it for the first time in glorious sun shine didn’t hurt ether and now I cant wait to do more!


Moving forward we have our next theme night to prepare for, “pirates vs princesses where in just a few days time ill be casting aside my macbook and busting out the tool boxes to start work building a 20ft pirate ship that’ll come out off the stage next to a princess castle. Over the years our themes have grown exponentially with our average build taking over 70 hours to finish and seeing us starting earlier and earlier. As always we sort the coolest prizes & sickest promos. This event is sponsored by Old J spiced rum, you'll be able to win Download tickets & a £250 spend on Pulp Clothing & will have sexy princesses blasting the crowd with C02 cannons.


Amongst all this we’ve also been designing a new website and have been working on what may prove to be our biggest endeavor yet. But that can wait, I’ve talked (typed) enough and with things moving this fast no doubt we’ll be posting our next update in a couple weeks.

For move information on what we have coming up check out https://totaluprawr.com/events/

Jack Daniel  x