What Is Music Publishing



So music publishing and signing away your rights sounds like some scary shit that your managers or lawyers should be sorting out right?

Maybe your Record label are ‘all over it’ for you because they love your music?


Your music publishing is pretty much the most important thing you’re ever going to sign as a band, why? Because it’s YOUR. FUKING. MONEY.

Typically music publishing can be pretty hard to understand and it’s usually old guys in suits that deal with it. That’s why here at UPRAWR we’re making it easy for you follow. 


So what is publishing and how does it work?

Basically publishing is the collection of mechanical royalties.  Your ‘mechanical royalties' or ‘mechanicals’ are the royalties you earn every time you sell a single or record. 

Your music publisher collects your royalties from all over the world and then pays them over to you, you’ll pay a percentage of the royalty as payment for the work they’ve done.

They will also collect part of your ‘performance royalties’, or PRS… Every time you play “live” or have a track played on the radio you are due a royalty. The UKs collection agency for these royalties is the PRS and between them and your publisher you should receive any money due to you.

In order for your publisher to collect for you they have to have your permission. You do this by signing a publishing agreement.

Your songs are then registered world wide, making sure that any money collected gets paid to the right person…YOU!