UPRAWR Sign Joint Venture With Notting Hill Music

Here at UPRAWR we are mega proud to announce we have struck a sub-publishing deal to be represented globally by international music publishing giant, Notting Hill Music.

Although a true “independent”, Notting Hill Music have offices in London, Los Angeles and Nashville representing some of the music worlds greatest icons.

This means if you sign to Uprawr Music and have an album released in the UK, USA, Australia, Germany…anywhere…we can collect your royalties for you…making sure YOU receive your just rewards for all your hard work….similarly, if your band has a track played on radio anywhere in the world, we can help PRS make those royalty collections…again, making sure YOU receive what’s due…and your money is not “languishing” in someone else’s bank account.


Roy, Jaci, Dave, Jack and Lewis - Signing the papers at the Notting Hill Office.