UPRAWR Sign The Dirty Youth

Today we signed the unbelievably talented band “The Dirty Youth”.

These guys have had a long stretch of working completely independently with their manager to produce a long list of albums and awesome music without any help form anyone one else.
The band have played download festival countless times and toured with bands such as Alien Ant farm, The Rasmus and InMe as well as gaining over 10 MILLION (TEN FUCKING MILLION) plays on their Youtube channel.

After months of discussion the guys are now keen to take on the next chapter in their musical careers by joining the UPRAWR  NOTTING HILL family.

We’ll be working with them closely to secure a record deal and sponsorship endorsements.

Needless to say, we are PUMPED to have them onboard :D



The Dirty Youth with Roy, Jack and Lewis in the UPRAWR Studios bar.