Instagram Volunteer Wanted!!

Here at UPRAWR we’re looking for a volunteer to join our team and take over our Instagram. 

We want someone outgoing and badass to come and work with us to help ensure we always have the most awesome content going out. 

You’ll be in-charge of schedualing and posting images, finding content and helping create the images and promos we use to promote our events. 

You’ll also be in-charge of keeping up interaction, responding to people and making sure we’re always connected and in touch with our crowd.


You’ll be given free passes to things like SlamDunk and Download (as well as others) so you can help make sure we have awesome shots at the events we work with.


With this laid-back responsibility you’ll have the freedom to use your creativity and passion for the sesh in your own time, there are no set hours and you’ll be able to come into the office as much or as little as needed to help with the role.





- Help create fantastic and engaging content for UPRAWR’s Instagram and intergrate it with content we provide.

- Come up with ideas for images that will help promote upcoming events.

- Find interesting and relatable content to help us engage with our scene.

- Have a strong connection with our customers and engage with our following. 

- Ensure everyone that attends our events is following us. 

- Keep on top of all current trends happening around us, especially in the music industry for brand related topics.  





- Free entry to all UPRAWR events.

- Free entry to all Asylum gigs.

- Free entry to festivals and gigs that we are involved with or promote

- Know everything that’s happening with UPRAWR months before it’s announced. 

- Become well known in our scene as ‘the person behind UPRAWR’s instagram’.

- 100% social… no set hours.

- 5 Free drinks at every club night





Between 18 - 24 years old. 

A good knowledge of the Instagram app and must genuinely enjoy using it.

Not a loser.

Excellent photo filtering skills with apps. 

Positive, do-it-yourself attitude. 

Willingness to work flexible hours. 

A love for UPRAWR. 

A love for music & partying. 

Knowledge of popular websites, online channels and social networks. 

Fluent in the English language.  

Not easily triggered or offended, willing to push boundaries with posts.

Not boring, lazy, ugly or a fan of deep house.



Got what it takes? 

Email Nathan a short message explaining why you'd be good at this and include your personal facebook, twitter and instagram links. 

Bribes and flattery welcome.