The UPRAWR DJ Podcast

As we continue our quest for world domination and ensuring you have the ultimate access to UPRAWR and everything we do, listen and watch; our DJs will be putting out monthly podcasts, perfect for you guys to pre-drink to, throw your own UPRAWR house party with or jam out to with friends in your bedroom.

This sick feature will allow you guys to keep up to date with whats going on in the alternative scene by latest releases, rediscover anthems we may not play enough of at the club or just get in on with what our DJs are listening to when they aren't partying with you guys!

Depending on who's month it is you can always expect a totally different and fresh mix; Stoke's Let's Go would be bringing you all things pop punk and greeb while Andy Shaw would follow it up with all things metal & Party as examples.

The first month has been released by our boy Stokes! Go check it out now on mixcloud by following the link below! 

January - Pop Punk:


Nathan x