Our studios have the totally unique advantage of sharing their walls with the Asylum venue. Meaning you can hire the main stage for large room production rehearsals. 
The room comes sound engineer, PA system, optional backline & a luxurious back stage. 

This room gives you the perfect opertunity to practice your live show, do full scale production and rehearse with a sound engineer to make sure you have the perfect outfront and on stage sound. 
You also have 650 people worth of space for gear, flight cases and setting up anything else your band might benafit from. 

You get to rehearse on the same stage as bands such as Erasure, Glenn Hues, The Wild Hearts & The King Blues have rehearsed on. 

And of couse the bands that have play gigs here, such as The Kaiser Chiefs, Of Mice & Men, The Automatic, Erasure, Trivium & a lot more. 

Oh and of couse, theres an opentional bar you can have open as well...

Dedicated Sound Engineer
One of our dedicated sound engineers will work with you to perfect
your live sound and make sure you are ready for tour.

Huge Stage
9mts x 5mts x 1m Perfect practive for shows from 400 - 1,000 Cap rooms.
Superb 12K EV PA System
(Full Spec available on request)
Massive lighting system...full spec available on request
Barriers available (for authenticity) if required
Full WiFi access

Normally, most bands bring in their own equipment for pre-production...that being the idea if you're checking your gear and getting ready for some big shows...but as with the rehearsal rooms, gear is readily available should you need it.