Custom built, acoustically treated and loads of leg room.

Large rooms come with all the exceptional gear that you see in our standard rooms and have enough space to accommodate a band with up to seven people.
It even has a four seat sofa should your other half want to tag along and watch.

Our team of expert staff are on hand to help, whether it’s getting the right guitar tone, helping you re-string your guitar or setting up your new bass drum pedal. They are on hand to ensure you get most form your practice. 


And of course, you have access to our air conditioned bar and coffee shop.

Key Features

Room size:
Comfortable for up to seven people with large sofas in every room. You'll also be supplied with an extra monitor wedge. 

Room service:
Call reception from the in-room phone to order from our bar or coffee shop and have it delivered stright into your room.


Fully Equipped:
Pearl Export Drum kits
400 watt Peavey Bass rigs
2 x Marshall half stacks
Yamaha Vocal PA
3 x Shure SM58 Microphones
1 x Yamaha monitor

Our team of expert staff on on hand to help.